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Buy Lockers Cheap

Need organized storage for your home or home office Looking for the right kitchen or mudroom lockers for your home Lightning Lockers has a variety of used lockers for sale that are perfect for home storage solutions. Match your home décor, choose any available size, or combination of available lockers to fit any space in your house!

As stated above, many of our discount lockers are actually still brand new. Each locker description includes whether the locker is new overstock, surplus, or a scratch/dent model to help you make the best decision possible. Scratches and dents are purely cosmetic in nature, the functionality and durability of the locker is never compromised, but we give a discount to make up for any minor imperfections. Overstocks and surplus are typically styles/colors that have been discontinued. They are still brand new, never used, but with a discount so we can make room for new inventory. Styles range from single tier lockers with one door to box lockers with up to 6 doors on one locker frame.

This is a question we get asked all the time and is one that is relatively easy to answer. For metal lockers you really do get what you pay for as fixed costs like rolled steel, labour and logistics vary very little between the major manufacturers in the UK.

Having said that we are seeing more companies cutting corners by using thinner steel and removing important features such as door stiffeners and frame re-enforcement. Some also use much cheaper locking mechanisms usually sourced directly from the far east rather than using reputable lock manufacturers who produce a quality product with good aftercare and spares availability.

When it comes to quality most wood lockers are quite similar, as they all use the same sheet material suppliers, the difference is normally in the locks, hinges, and ironmongery, ensure your supplier uses good quality heavy duty hinges and locks.

Common sense is the key here when choosing a supplier of wood lockers, ask your supplier to supply clear images of the lockers they are proposing and also ask to see any case studies they may have showing the lockers on site. It may also be worth calling that customer to get their feedback.

To get the best of both worlds you can now buy lockers which feature a metal frame and a wood door, these offer excellent value for money over wood lockers and if you follow the advice from both sections above you will bag yourself a real bargain.

Dividers lockers, on the other hand, are multi-mounted lockers and allow for larger items to be carried on a platform. The pull type locker is on the side to allow larger storage, and for more storage items.

Custom lock lockers are large for easy storage, and they can be divided into two types depending on the needs of the lock or storage unit. offers different locking types for lockers with large storage, such as cabinet lockers and drawer lockers. On the other type of lockers, you can find different types of lockers on sale at wholesale prices, from door locking lockers to door lockers. There are also different types of lockers that suit your customers, such as aluminum lockers, aluminum lock lockers, wholesale locking lockers, and lock for sale at wholesale prices.

We understand that many of our customers need a cost-effective storage solution. If you need lockers for a short period of time or are under budget constrictions, then our budget locker range is ideal. We can offer solutions for single door, two door, three door, four door, five door and six door lockers. The sizes on offer in our budget range are as follows: 300 x 300mm and 300 x 450mm. Contact our sales team if you have a large project and they can advise and quote you.

We even have a budget express delivery range for when you need lockers cheaply and quickly! The Express Delivery range is limited to two sizes, single door, two door, four door and six door options with either light grey and blue doors to choose from.

Our TUFF lockers are manufactured in the UK to a high standard using the same good quality steel as our standard locker ranges. Shopping from our budget range does not mean compromising on quality or choice. The perk to buying TUFF is certainly the price and quicker delivery compared to our standard and premium ranges. They are available in a variety of sizes and 7 colour options.

Our focus and specialisation in lockers gives us the edge over our competitors, from metal lockers which are suitable for most environments to aluminium lockers for swimming pools or composite lockers for your specific requirement, we will be able to offer you the best products at the best price.

Madrax bike lockers create organized and efficient spaces that provide the highest level of bicycle security. From the single bike locker to vertical bike storage locker, know that you're getting a secure and durable metal bike storage locker that won't break the budget.

The MadLocker is the centerpiece of the Madrax bike storage locker products. It provides more than enough space to park a bicycle, as well as multiple accessories. These metal bike lockers can be banked in a row and stacked to increase bike parking in the same footprint. View product details.

The Narrow MadLocker offers the same level of bicycle security as the MadLocker in a smaller footprint. This bicycle storage locker is 8" more narrow, but is still large enough to accommodate most standard bicycles. Like all the MadLockers, it has been designed for commercial applications but often installed for residential bike lockers. View product details.

The Pie MadLocker has the same dimensions at the door but narrows towards the rear. Banking lockers with this pie-shape creates circular shapes. They can also be used to continue a bank of bike lockers around a corner. View product details.

Bike lockers offer the most security for bicycles. But there are differences from one locker to the next. Knowing the key elements that differentiate cycle storage lockers will let you make the best choices to meet your needs.

You can rest assured that your lockers will be installed correctly by professional and knowledgeable Spacesaver-certified installers. Our nationwide network of distributors means you have fast, local service over the lifetime of the lockers.

ControLoc, a built-in add-on feature to Spacesaver evidence lockers, allows only authorized personnel to access and store evidence with a locker during the filing and reporting process. The ControlLoc feature offers:

How do you determine what material will work best for the lockers in your space, though One component to consider is the environment your lockers will be occupying. Will they be subject to moisture Do you need them to be easy to clean and be able to withstand heavy use

A lesser-known option, phenolic lockers are a hardy, sturdy option for a high-volume gym. The process of making a phenolic material begins with injecting sheets of kraft paper with a thermosetting resin. The surface layers receive an injection of melamine-based resins and then get bound by heat and pressure to create a homogeneous material.

HDPE plastic lockers require little maintenance even with regular use. It is made from a moisture-impermeable, non-porous material, so lockers constructed from HDPE plastic will never rust, delaminate or corrode. While they may be a larger initial investment, they will generally not require much maintenance in the years to come. They are highly durable as well.

Metal sports lockers are a larger open front storage locker to provide ample space for team uniforms and equipment. Sports storage lockers have a big main storage compartment that is perfect for storing bulky gear and hang uniforms. These style of lockers often come with a built-in place to sit so an athlete can sit while getting ready for the game and a place to rest at halftime or after a big win. Even though our MVP is an open sports locker, you can easily add spots for your athletes to securely store their private items.

You can order your new metal sports lockers either unassembled or assembled. Putting these metal athletic lockers together in the field is easy using nuts and bolts. You can also have Republic professionally assemble your new athletic storage lockers before shipping them. We will use pop rivets instead of nuts and bolts for a strong and durable assembly. Additionally you can order the MVP with all-welded construction. When installing your Republic MVP sports team lockers, make sure that they are properly anchored to either the wall or floor or both if possible. We have anchor angles available to provide a surface for anchoring a locker without legs like these athletic team lockers.

You can choose from single doors and multi-doors lockers in a variety of different materials too. Our range includes metal lockers and plastic designs, as well as units with a wooden finish. You can take your pick from steel lockers in a selection of colours as well. Apart from traditional grey models, we offer units with doors in vibrant shades of blue, red, green, orange and purple.

Aside from providing you with storage space to keep items tidy and out of sight, our workplace lockers are designed to offer impressive security. Each compartment locker can be securely locked, and you can choose from units with different locking systems, such as cam and hasp locks, as well as designs which require padlocks. 59ce067264


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