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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of First Steps Child Care Trainings is to provide, competent, innovative, and quality training to organizations’, businesses, and individuals in the communities in which they serve. We are caring and committed people who have put both professional and educational experience together in order to enhance and optimize community health.

Our Vision

In our responsible and assertive actions, First Steps Child Care Trainings will set a pace in which quality training will be recognized as a model program.

Our Values

First Steps Child Care Trainings’ values, closely support its mission. They represent guiding principles and are not separate from our criteria. These values are principles in which we embrace ourselves as well as project onto others.


Gregory & Milka Pereira

Meet The Founders

Gregory & Milka create business owners and employees for the child care industry. They met in 1998 while providing services to homeless individuals and families. Having had the knowledge, skills and the disposition to offer quality services. They married in 2004 and decided to open a business of their own in 2007. Milka had (7) children of her own, and Gregory had one…Milka decided to use her skills and opened a successful day care with her daughter and Gregory has been teaching a multitude of training’s which also include Health & Safety, CPR, and many other adult education training’s. Now they also hire other quality professionals to empower their community,


- We take pride in competent and ethical work


- We promote efficiency and effectiveness to all of our participants


- We practice and promote both, honesty and integrity in all of our trainings


- We practice and promote courtesy, kindness and respect for all life


- We exhibit and articulate professionalism in all our affairs


- We demonstrate responsibility and we promote and encourage responsible service delivery

Diane Shirley-Wright

Meet Our Facilitator of School Age Care Credential for Directors

Diane Shirley-Wright has over 15 years in the youth development and child-care field.


Shirley-Wright is an accomplished and revered trainer with the New York State Training and Technical Assistance Professional Credential as a Professional Development Specialist for School age.


She has been successfully delivering New York State’s Office of Children and Family Services child care trainings to various organizations throughout New York City. She earned certifications for Health and Safety: Competencies for Day Care Center & School-Age Child Care Program Staff; American Heart Association; and the American Red Cross. Having trained at several leading child care agencies, Shirley-Wright uses her vast experience to best equip child care workers for before, during, or after school.


Leading trainings across the nation, Shirley-Wright has cemented her expertise in conflict resolution; curriculum development; classroom management; youth development; child abuse identification and prevention; group management; project-based learning, involving children in program design, power sharing with young people, and emergency preparedness: Speaking to children about emergencies..


She is the founder of DS Health and Safety Trainings, Inc that provide Integrative Nutrition Health coaching and Fitness trainings to children and adult. Shirley-Wright is driven to inspire people about making purposeful and intentional habits around their personal goals


Joining FIRST STEPS-URBAN OUTREACH, INC as the leading facilitator of School Age Care Credential for Directors, Shirley-Wright looks forward to creating an environment where all child care staff are prepared to render the right care for youth and children, no matter their location.

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