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Financial Education For Child Care Providers

Child Care Financial Business Made Simple
Incorporating, Financial Planning, Planning for the Future
3 Sessions/2 Hours per Session
Course Fee $300


Meet, Professor Luz-Maria Lambert

Providing Expert Financial Education For

Child-Care Providers

Professor, Luz-Maria Lambert is an Educator and strong advocate for Financial Literacy.


She has vast experience in entrepreneurship and as a Public Speaking Coach. 


Graduated from the renowned Political Science Program at Columbia University.

She also holds a Masters Degree in International Relations from Columbia University School of international Affairs (SIPA), and a second Masters from Baruch College in Public Affairs.

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What you want out of Financial Education is:

  • A Personalized Financial Evaluation

  • Recommendations from professionals in the field

  • Financial Education Workbook


Week 1:

(Wednesday 6pm - 8pm)

  • Responsibilities of a business owners

  • Banking and Taxes

  • Importance of Credit


Week 2:

(Wednesday 6pm - 8pm)

  • Budgeting correctly for growth

  • Review Legal structures

  • Dangers of commingling funds

  • Keeping records straight

  • Business finances


Week 3:

(Wednesday 6pm - 8pm)

  • Insurance-investment

  • Retirement and legacy

  • Certificate of Attendance

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