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SACC Credential

The NYS School-Age Care Credential Preparatory Course is a 2-semester long program with 35 hours each semester. It can take 9-15 months to complete. The program is designed to support youth development professionals in obtaining the New York State School-Age Care (SAC) Credential.

SACC Credential For Directors 

(School Aged Child Care Center Directors)

Starting March 21st (Tuesday's & Thursdays)

9:30am - 12:30pm

If you are a child care provider that works with school-age children, the School-Age Care (SAC) Credential is a program which was developed to promote quality services to children and families by providing specific standards, training, and evaluation of school-age staff members and providers.


By earning a SAC Credential, you’ll be afforded the opportunity to gain professional esteem and recognition for demonstrating competence in on-the-job skills.

Course Description

The School Age Care Credential Course is an in-depth study of competency standards that reflect best practices in after-school programs. This course is specifically designed for individuals currently employed in school age child care programs, who serve children ages 5 to 13 years old.  Competency standards demonstrating the ability to nurture children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth will be explored.


Major topics include:

  • maintaining a safe, healthy learning environment

  • child development

  • challenging behaviors

  • working with families

  • curriculum development

  • operational program management

  • communication

  • professionalism

Part 1 covers skill areas 1-7, and Part 2 covers skill areas 8-14. 


Method of Instruction

Virtual learning with a live-instructor.  Class sessions will include lectures, cooperative learning opportunities, whole group discussions, group activities, observations, and use of audio-visual materials.


Candidates must take the responsibility to secure, and pay as necessary, their own SAC Credential Advisor from the approved advisor list.


Enrollment in the SAC Credential Course
Individuals enrolling in this course must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or GED, and must be currently working/volunteering in a NYS OCFS Licensed/Registered program.



Scholarship funding to participate in this training may be available through the Educational Incentive Program (EIP). For more information or to apply for a scholarship, please visit

  • You may also contact EIP at or 800-295-9616.

  • If you have received an EIP, please digitally sign it and email the Network.  

  • Note: There is a maximum award amount per year per person.

Register Today!

First Steps – Urban Outreach, Inc. is a host agency for the New York State SAC Credential Preparatory Course. The course is an in-depth study of competency standards that reflect best practices in after-school programs. This course is specifically designed for individuals currently employed in SACC programs, center-based, or home-based child care programs who serve children ages 5 to 13 years old. Seminar instruction is held weekday mornings during the school year. Class does not take place during school breaks. In addition to seminar instruction, FSUO introduces you to a Credential Advisors who will serve as your mentor throughout the credentialing process (The Advisor fee's are paid by the participant or school) For more information about the SAC Credential or class schedule, please contact Gregory Pereira at 212-491-6500.

Video: How to Apply To Receive EIP if Eligible

EIP May Fund This Program With Incentive Monies

Doing Homework

The Educational Incentive Program (EIP) is a scholarship program that helps child care providers pay for training and educational activities with the intent to build provider knowledge, skills, and competencies in order to improve the quality of child care. Please see the EIP Process/6 Simple Steps to learn more.

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