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Political discourse on immigration in the United States has largely focused on what is most visible, including border walls and detention centers, while the invisible information systems that undergird immigration enforcement have garnered less attention. Tracking the evolution of various surveillance-related systems since the 1980s, Borderland Circuitry investigates how the deployment of this information infrastructure has shaped immigration enforcement practices. Ana Muñiz illuminates three phenomena that are becoming increasingly intertwined: digital surveillance, immigration control, and gang enforcement. Using ethnography, interviews, and analysis of documents never before seen, Muñiz uncovers how information-sharing partnerships between local police, state and federal law enforcement, and foreign partners collide to create multiple digital borderlands. Diving deep into a select group of information systems, Borderland Circuitry reveals how those with legal and political power deploy the specter of violent cross-border criminals to justify intensive surveillance, detention, brutality, deportation, and the destruction of land for border militarization.

When Arisu and Usagi win the rock-paper-scissors game to decide who would play the Queen of Hearts game amongst the remaining survivors, Mira greets them in the game's venue, an indoor rose garden. Usagi recognizes Mira as one of the beach executives and expresses surprise. Arisu asks Mira what the borderlands are, but Mira evades his question and instead explains the rules of the game. Arisu and Usagi are surprised that the only conditions for a game clear are to complete a croquet game, but Mira assures them completion is the only "game clear" requirement, and the winner of the croquet match does not matter.

Mira invites Arisu and Usagi to break for tea after she wins the first set. Despite her reluctance to address the question, Arisu presses her for the meaning behind the borderlands and the games. Mira finally appears to relent but proceeds to tell Arisu several different stories behind the borderland's existence, including it being the result of a virtual reality simulation, alien invasion, hallucinogenic pandemic, or black hole. She joyfully admits to toying with him and Usagi, which stuns Arisu.

During the second set of croquet, Arisu realizes that Mira is trying to destabilize his mental state and resolves to stop overthinking. Nevertheless, during the tea break following the second set, Mira taunts him over his friends' deaths in the Seven of Hearts game, revealing that she was the one who set up the game, fully knowing that the close group would get involved in it. This angers Arisu into threatening to kill Mira with his shotgun, but he stops himself when he realizes that killing Mira would result in the deaths of all remaining players when their visas expire, as nobody would be able to clear the Queen of Hearts game. Mira, impressed, appears to acknowledge defeat, but Arisu continues to press her for an answer on the meaning of the borderlands. This time around, Mira tells him that she is his psychiatrist giving him treatment, and he has hallucinated the entire series of events in the borderlands. Arisu begins to dissociate, and Mira admits to Usagi that she drugged his tea with hallucinogens.

In a bid to bring Arisu back to reality, Usagi slashes her wrists, which surprises Mira. This triggers Arisu's protective instincts of her, bringing him back to his senses, and motivates him to complete the final set of croquet. In their last conversations, Mira admits that she did not know what the borderlands were herself but confirms that she was a psychiatrist in the real world. Mira also implies that she chose to stay on in the borderlands as a citizen as she was tired of the dilemma of always being left behind by recovered patients as a psychiatrist. She concludes by beaming, and telling Arisu that life is a game, and he should enjoy it. They comple


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