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Buy Real Gold Chains

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Buy Real Gold Chains

All of our Solid Gold Jewelry includes a lifetime warranty and free worldwide shipping. Choose from our selection of 10k & 14k Solid Gold Rope, Miami Cuban Link, Franco, Rope & Figaro chains

At Frost NYC, we offer urban-culture inspired fine jewelry pieces to wear with your freshest gear. We have jewelry to match your style and taste, from iced-out bracelets to chunky Cuban link chains. Our team of expert designers can even work with you to create a custom one-of-a-kind piece.

All our gold chains and pieces are made from 14k or 18k solid gold, with retro rose gold and cool white gold options available. We also create some pieces in harder 10k gold for added durability. Many of our chains, bracelets, and pendants can be iced out with pavé diamonds to add a little extra bling to your look.

Our collection includes gold chains for men, with popular styles such as the classic Cuban link, modern Miami Cuban chains, Figaro chains, and Franco chains. Choose several pieces to layer or wear one bold piece and make a statement. We also have a crazy selection of pendants that will suit any style and chain. From the iconic Jesus piece to sports-inspired pieces like basketball hoops and sneakers.

Now that hip-hop fashion has started influencing mainstream fashion, there are more places to find real gold chains for sale than ever. Although this means that you can now shop a wide variety of gold chain styles for men and for women, it can be hard to distinguish the best places to buy gold chains from the places to avoid.

When looking for where to buy gold chains online, many people fail to consider whether or not the online gold chain store is the manufacturer or a middle-man retailer. The difference is that a jewelry manufacturer makes and sells their gold chains directly to you, while a middle-man retailer sells gold chains that they purchased from another business.

The best place to buy gold chains online to browse high quality, authentic gold chains on sale for low prices is at a reputable manufacturer store, such as ItsHot. A good jewelry wholesaler is also the best place online to buy gold chains for your store.

We also provide custom chain necklaces for sale that cost less than they would in retail stores. Our custom personalized gold chains allow you to choose your own diamond colors or gemstones, metal type, length, chain link type, design, and more.

If you own an online jewelry store and want to get paid commission for referring us to your customers as a good place to buy gold chains in more styles, join our affiliate program to get 6% commissions on all jewelry products (8% if monthly sales are over $10,000). We will pay you for any of your customers who take you up on your referral and buy from ItsHot.

If you like gold chains and also run a business, you could buy cheap gold chain necklaces for yourself and sell the rest. Some wholesalers have a low minimum for wholesale jewelry requirements, so it could be easy to make up for the cost.

Buying gold chains from marketplaces like Amazon can be more convenient than buying from other places that sell gold chains online. You can often get gold chains with free shipping and fast shipping, although it may require membership.

There are many cons of buying real gold jewelry from Amazon and other e-marketplaces. It can be hard to find a specific style, such as an 14K gold Cuban link chain or a rose gold rope chain for women.

Brick-and-mortar stores that sell gold chains allow you to talk face-to-face with employees and buy jewelry conveniently without a shipping cost and delivery wait time. That being said, not every jewelry store is equal when it comes to the expertise or helpfulness of the employees.

Furthermore, good online stores have detailed search filters to help you find a specific gold chain according to its carat weight, price, size, style, and material. It can be harder to find the best gold chain styles for your personal preferences. Even if the employee leads you to some gold chain styles that suit your preferences, they might neglect to show you other gold chains in their inventory that you could find more easily online.

The best jewelry stores will have employees who are knowledgeable about their jewelry and put in the effort to meet your desired budget, style preferences, and other criteria for choosing a gold chain, and they will know to direct you towards those products.

You can find gold chains for sale at either open or closed auctions. Auctions can also take place online or in-person as a traditional auction, between which there are several differences. Now, what are the risks of buying gold chains from auctions, and what are the potential benefits

The other problem with second-hand auction necklaces is that it may require you to pay for maintenance or repairs in the near future. It might not come with its original box or papers, making it a bit of a gamble. If you do buy second-hand gold jewelry, you want to know as much as you can about it and make careful repairs to it before you flaunt it.

Satisfied customer, item is exactly what i hoping for and was exactly as described on site when purchasing. I will definitely do more business in the future and not to mention their great prices compared to competitors. Grade A quality solid gold.

Some people just fail to understand how many different styles and uses a chain necklace has. People sometimes associate chains with rappers, athletes, and NYC socialites, the fact of the matter is that hip-hop culture now influences high-end fashion as well as mainstream style.

For more options of affordable gold chains, check out our real gold chains under 500 dollars. Saving money is important if you plan on having additional costs, such as a diamond pendant, or creating your own custom pendant or necklace charms.

Some places will charge more for white and black than other colors, due to the added time it takes to plate the chains in rhodium. Rhodium is one of the rarest precious metals, so it can add to the cost of a gold chain. That said, here at ItsHot, we offer gold chains of the same style and composition in different colors for the same price.

These days, the different styles of chain necklaces are diverse, making now a better time than ever to choose a nice chain necklace, for men or women. There are thick, heavy solid curb chains; thin, sleek, and subtle chains, chains with finely crafted chain link details, or gemstone and diamond chain necklaces.

One of the things to consider when buying a gold chain necklace is what style and type of chain link you like. There are many different styles of chain necklaces. From traditional rope chains to the newer Miami Cuban link chains, there are styles for a man or a woman with any lifestyle and fashion preferences.

The curb link chain, or gourmette chain, is a category of gold chain link that includes many different variations such as the Miami Cuban link chain, and the Figaro chain. While the Miami Cuban link chain is the most popular type of curb link chain, the basic curb chain is still very popular itself.

Gold rope chains are the OG chains that started it all. In the 1980s, rappers such as Slick Rick and Run-DMC helped popularize both hip-hop music and styles. Today, yellow rope chains are back in style, with a wider mass appeal than ever before.

Rope chains are versatile because you can provide both a throwback look, or you can style them to be a modern classic. White and rose rope chains put a modern spin on this classic chain variety. These are a popular type of gold chain for both men and women. They come in very thick widths, like the 80s, or in thin and fancy widths.

For example, 10K consists of 46.6% pure gold, 14K contains 58.3% pure gold, 18K is slightly over 75% pure gold, and 24 karats is 10% pure gold. Here is a conversion chart between karats and the percentage of pure gold:

Because pure gold is a relatively soft metal, so the higher the karat, the less tough the chain is. The lower the karat, the harder the chain. However, choosing high karat gold means that the chain is more hypoallergenic, and it is more durable in terms of maintenance.

You can get a quality gold necklace cheaper if you buy from a store that manufactures its jewelry and sells it direct-to-customer. Many stores that sell chain necklaces take them wholesale from a manufacturer, so they have to increase the price of each individual item to make a profit. Stores like us here at manufacture much of our jewelry ourselves, so we can sell it to you more cheaply.

Even if you choose high-quality diamonds and real 14K gold, poor craftsmanship can produce a weak construction for your chain necklace. You want to make sure the jewelry makers are experienced and have the expertise to know the best way to create chain links and to keep them secure and durable.

When buying gold chain necklaces online, you want to pick a store that you can trust. They should provide easy opportunities to ask questions and contact them. At ItsHot, we have 24-hour customer service, e-mail contact, a phone line, and boxes provide for asking questions about any piece of jewelry. In addition, our 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy provides security so you can shop with confidence.

ItsHot is the best online website for high-end, real gold and silver chains for necklaces and New York City style jewelry. Why Because here at ItsHot, we offer all of the best chains in style right now for unbeatable prices.

Nice watch the buckle alittle different and it take some getting used to if you have a bigger wrist.and it was on sale so how much can one really complain.Great starter piece if eye catch but not at the same time also comes in a pretty large box to me it looks cool with black band but the great really make it stand out.

Rope - These have an intertwining feature that is made to look like a rope. Rope chains have two main designs: a delicate version (straight rope) and a stronger designs (twisted rope) Come and browse our rope chain collection. 59ce067264


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