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Developmental Disability

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esther nyaboke
esther nyaboke

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ah yes, the ever-tempting teriyaki bowl, which they serve from a stylish corner of an unassuming neighbourhood shop. granted, theyre like a school cafeteria in the best way. grab a seat (and order promptly) and youll get satisfying chicken and vegetables with rice and cabbage salad on the side. three other bowls are served on the board. canned fava beans. salted edamame. matcha musubi (green rice wrapped with seaweed). they all go for $6.50.

its hard to beat the atmosphere of the community table. a wide variety of sustainably grown vegetables, herbs and produce are for sale at affordable prices. this one is located in the lunchbox pdx community garden, which is also a great place to get fresh and healthy food.

i learned that this shop is being funded by the kickstarter campaign, which is a pop-up pop-up shop. they try to make food in a more social and collaborative way, and kickstarter is their way of supporting friends and local food culture. it is open in partnership with the biggin project .

nearby tacoma pizza is known for several things, especially turkey-style pies that range from $6.50 to $9.49. but they also have a trio of freakishly juicy hot dogs (the wod wod hebeeh, 50-cent hot, and jr., a dog that not only fits in your hand but actually feels like a hot dog), too. and their generous happy hour (4-8 pm monday-friday, 1-6 pm saturday and 2-6 pm sunday) ensures youll be safe from perverts starting at 3 pm. 1202 s 9th ave, tacoma, 253-928-0500

with just a tiny few seats and a menu that is themed to match the decor, barley street cafe doesnt look like much from the outside, but inside theres a perfect storm of tex-mex mashups, served in a cozy, wood-beamed space. i remember a time when i didnt even know it was possible to have a soup or salad in a bar, but barley street cafe does just that: its rich and hearty texas-style mole (also available in a spicy version). but its not just mole and queso: they also have migas (ok, thats the name, but trust me, its migas), huevos rancheros, tacos, guac, and more. 815 central, 9 am-11 pm daily 3d9ccd7d82


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