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Singles are getting another message this year. No matter how many thousands of lives you may have saved with your lifelong, relentless advocacy for safer cars and workplaces, and purer food and water; no matter how doggedly you have pursued the causes of government and corporate accountability, and inspired countless others to do the same, you can still be dismissed as immature and irresponsible if you are not married.

Chris Matthews, host of the MSNBC program "Hardball," captured that sentiment when he said this to Ralph Nader about the current president: "He's raised two daughters; he's had a happy marriage. You've never been married. Isn't he more mature in his lifestyle than you are" The unmarried Mr. Nader, Mr. Matthews said, lives "a life that's about as responsible as what's on the movies tonight."

If sugar daddies are so concerned about helping sugar babies make ends meet amid soaring college costs, perhaps they could behave as mature adults and use their age and resources to find a solution to making college more affordable for everyone. I found it appalling that Joanne Belknap, a University of Colorado professor, is quoted as saying, I don t want to blame the women because I feel it is a way to get a college education, adding, We live in a culture where women are paid so unfairly compared to men. Perhaps Professor Belknap wouldn t blame them either if, after graduating, they slept their way to the top of the corporate ladder.

Young women should be encouraged to leave their panties on and take the gloves off to be prepared to fight for their right to equal opportunities. If my daughters were involved in sex for favors, I could only assume they had missed my lecture on self-respect.

It seems that there are two negative opinions being expressed by people here. One is the sexiest stance and other maturity stance. First, I will address the sexiest stance. He is in no way shape or form disrespecting Senator Clinton. The item that he is touching is only a cardboard cut out. It is an object that he is touching and not her to those that say he is objectifying her. You people are no better than the US response during the era of the Red Scare, claiming people to be what they are not. If that was what he is doing then, he would have to feel that way and express in various forms, which is not true. The second issue is that of maturity. People need to realize that actions are compatible with situation or environment. The environment of this picture is at party. This is typical behavior at a party whether you are you are 50 years old or 22 years old. This always has to keep in mind the type of party. Obviously this is party with small group of people, not party for function. It is personal format. An example would be of woman walking around in her panties and bra. Most people would find that offensive. Now imagine same person at beach with two bikini that exposes even more skin then the bra and panties, but its not viewed as disrespectful because it in proper environment. People need to spend time judging their own personal action then worrying about others. He has a job and as long as it is performed properly , then on his free time he allowed to do as he wishes. There is a time and place for everything and he clearly know when and where to act. I would agree differently if it was somewhere in open public function. This is America or is it not freedom is always top priority!!!

I think he should not be the "future White House director" of anything...send him back to his hut. There are many more qualified and mature people out there just itching for a chance. I doubt that age is a factor. Look at the lewd behavior of Larry Craig, Newt, Clinton, John Edwards, and on and on, and they were all older than this guy. The problem is that we condone such childishness, drinking, and rudeness. We condone it, and act surprised and indignant when it happens. When you don't respect women, you basically don't respect yourself or anyone else. 59ce067264


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