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The Invasion Epub


Background and study aims: The depth of invasion of the bowel wall influences the treatment of colorectal laterally spreading tumors (LSTs). The aim of this study was to evaluate the risk factors and patterns of submucosal invasion in a large series of LSTs that were removed en bloc.

Conclusions: Because of a substantial risk of submucosal invasion and multifocal invasion, granular type LSTs with a large nodule or depression and nongranular type LSTs should be endoscopically removed en bloc.

One of the larger books of the Images of War series, describing what was then the largest amphibious assault ever undertaken. A concise narrative accompanies the five chapters which look at the build-up to the invasion, the state of the Axis defences and the difficult terrain of the island, the commanders and troops involved, the landing itself, and the advance inland. As ever it is the considerable collection of large and rarely published photographs which take centre stage, each of which have been carefully selected to highlight a very broad range of equipment and subjects. These include the naval armada, amphibious landings, bombing, dug-in artillery, armour, mine clearance, and airborne troops, and together they are an impressive and vivid record of one of the Second World War's great set piece operations.

In 1943, British, Canadian and American forces launched a seaborne attack against Germany's Axis partner, Italy. It was the first step in the war to free Europe of the Nazi yoke. The target was Sicily. The invasion was code named Operation Husky. On July 10 1943, the British 1st Division successfully fought their way ashore and captured the bombed and ruined port of Pantelleria. In his book 'Images of War, The invasion of Sicily 1943', Jon Diamond provides a gallery of rare photographs from wartime archives. The invasion was preceded by an airborne invasion by British and American airborne forces. Tragically many dropped into the sea and drowned. The invasion barges passed through the men in the water, ignoring their pleas for help,and sped towards the heavily defended beaches. The town was swiftly captured by British troops and in the first week 20,000 Italian soldiers surrendered. The photographs are predominately of Canadian and American forces: one interesting point is the photographs show American airborne troops carrying a reserve chute. The British airborne troop were only carried one and it was only in 1957 were they issued with a reserve chute when Britain became a member of NATO.The photographs give a rare ugly glimpse of war, each fallen soldier has a family, street fighting and an army on the move with donkeys and tanks, each playing its part. An absorbing read.

I have to admit that even thought I have lived in East Anglia for the past twenty years. I had heard of the odd possible landings by the Germans on the Norfolk-Suffolk coastline during WWII. But these have usually been based not on an invasion but more to do with maritime problems. The film 'The Eagle has Landed', was to be based on the North Norfolk coastline. A well researched book open for your own interpretation on what did or did not happen.

I have to admit that even though I have lived in East Anglia for the past twenty-eight years, and have been coming here since the late 1960s, I had no prior knowledge of a German invasion, albeit a small one. Obviously, with Martin's fascinating book now behind me, I am convinced of it's authenticity. To describe it as "thrilling" is to underplay its importance, and I am utterly fascinated by Martin's claims of covers-up. This is a Boys' Own Paper story of the highest order.

Martin Bowman's interesting, fact packed book poses the question did Germany carry out commando raids along the Britain's east coast In 1940 the British government ministers and military prepared for an invasion while, in some areas locals formed unofficial Home Guard units arming themselves with private weapons including bayonets welded on to


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