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Get To The Orange Door Activation Code [cheat]

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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for The Orange Box for Xbox 360. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

With the option to start from any of the episodes in the three sagas, and the ability to unlock Characters through cheat codes, the chances are that you have likely stumbled upon a Scavenger character before actually unlocking their unique tool abilities, which are essential for exploring blocked paths, and completing puzzles throughout each mission. This LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga guide will detail how to unlock and use all three Scavenger Abilities, as well as how to switch between each of the unique tools.

Inside, the player finds the "Chief Engineer". Talking to him opens up a window that contains all cheat codes for Neon Abyss. The player must unlock them by purchasing Cards at the Vending Machine. There are currently 199 cheat codes to unlock.

The cheat codes are accessed in a run by entering them in the games console, which can be opened by pressing the -key (can be rebound) on keyboard, or by holding down the pause button and map button on console (cannot be rebound). Using cheat codes will prevent any achievements from being unlocked during the run, as well as unlocking progress at the bar. (This will still happen if the cheat fails) Also to use a cheat code, the player currently must have acquired at least one faith gem during the run, as each code will cost one gem to activate.Also worth noting - even if you know the cheat codes, entering them in a run on a save file that hasnt unlocked the cheat code yet will result in the cheat not working.

If you're playing the old-fashioned way with a GameBoy Advance and are using a Gameshark or Action Replay to cheat, then all you have to do is type in codes to activate your chosen cheat - though beware that some of these codes are rather long!

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Several large tiles in the Gas City have locked orange doors with active holograms on them. To gain access to them, players have to perform a series of tasks within the tile itself. Note that several secret laboratories may spawn per mission.

In the next room, scour the area for ammo, the Machine Gun Ammo case, and another green herb. Read the Completion of New-Type Virus document on the desk then proceed through the orange door to the north. Continue along the passage and through the next orange door, then loot the room for ammo. You'll also find two more bits of reading material here - the Malacoda Development Materials document, and the Veltro Agent's Journal 2 document.

When you're ready to continue, head south through the orange door, and you'll see the virus vat directly ahead - you've made it to the control room! There's ammo on top of the containers either side of the walkway (just use the ladders to climb up) if you need a bit more.

This area predominantly consists of a maze formed by invisible lasers. First, take the ammo on the cabinets to the left then break out your scanner and figure out the safe route through the pylons. Your ultimate goal is to reach the orange door to the northwest, but first you'll need to push the button on the wall near the corpse, a little further along the maze.

Pushing the button will reconfigure some of the lasers in the room and form a new path, so about-face and follow the new route around until you reach the ladder leading down to the lower level. Finally, make your through the orange door to the right, paying your respects to


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