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NCLEX: Fundamentals Of Nursing Free Download _BEST_

NCLEX: Fundamentals Of Nursing Free Download >>>>>

Welcome to your NCLEX practice questions for fundamentals of nursing. For this nursing test bank set, test your competence on the concepts of nursing fundamentals. This quiz aims to help student nurses develop their critical thinking skills when answering questions related to the fundamentals of nursing.

Yes! Feel free to download them to your phone, computer, tablet, etc. Or you can print them off and keep them in a binder, on your wall, or carry them around in your pocket like the treasures they are.

All nurses apply clinical nursing judgment and their understanding of pharmacology in all patient care environments. Pharmacology studies the effects that drugs have on both individual biological systems and the human body as a whole. Therefore, a solid understanding of physiology is required to fully comprehend how each type of drug impacts the various body systems and to identify risks to patient safety. Such knowledge allows a nurse to make safe and effective clinical judgments.","details":"lectures_duration":123377,"lectures_count":405,"free_lectures_count":35,"questions_count":1064,"free_questions_count":110,"articles_count":0,"reviews":"rating":4.9647577092511,"count":227},"id":19416,"title":"Nursing Prerequisites","normalized_title":"nursing-education-nclex-prep","description":"Get prepared for Nursing Prerequisites!\r\n\r\nNursing prerequisites are challenging to many candidates of nursing schools. An understanding of molecular and cell biology, as well as chemistry, are only some of the requirements. At the same time, this knowledge lays the foundation of every nurse\u2019s future career.\r\n\r\nAdam Le Gresley, Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy and Chemistry at Kingston University London, Kevin Ahern, professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Oregon State University, Georgina Cornwall from Colorado Mountain College in Aspen, Vincent Racaniello, Higgins Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University, and Tarry Ahuja from Carleton University combine their experience and knowledge to provide the nurses of tomorrow with the basic equipment for their further studies.\r\n\r\nAt Lecturio, you will learn prerequisite topics at your own pace:\r\n\r\nMicrobiology: Bacteria, viruses and fungi\r\nPsychology\r\nSociology\r\nCell biology: Cellular structure, enzymes and metabolism\r\nIonic, medical and organic chemistry\r\n\r\nIn addition to watching our high-quality video lectures, you can practice on quiz questions and download study materials. Start learning today!\r\n","details":"lectures_duration":270879,"lectures_count":936,"free_lectures_count":160,"questions_count":2697,"free_questions_count":484,"articles_count":222,"reviews":"rating":4.4159663865546,"count":1428,"id":20833,"title":"Dosage Calculation (Nursing)","normalized_title":"dosage-calculation","description":"Get a Better Understanding of Drugs Dosing\r\nIn this course, you\u2019ll get into greater depth of the suitable dosages of medication taken by the human body in different medical scenarios. In addition to introducing various types of drugs, you will also gain an understanding of how these drugs are absorbed in distinctive ways, such as buccal and sublingual medications. Another key element included in this course is the inclusion of universal medical standards of converting SI units.\r\n\r\nTo help expand your horizon on the essential pointers needed to be kept in your mind when practicing nursing, we provided a case study that would put your knowledge into context. This would prepare you as you get closer to practicing nursing in the future. \r\n\r\nOther than high-quality video lectures, you can access quiz questions and downloadable material to aid you with your studies. Start learning today!\r\n","details":"lectures_duration":5359,"lectures_count":20,"free_lectures_count":2,"questions_count":44,"free_questions_count":4,"articles_count":0,"reviews":"rating":4.7894736842105,"count":19,"id":20954,"title":"Study Skills: L


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