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Buy Linux Laptop

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Dell has been offering Ubuntu laptops for several years now. Their flagship product XPS features a Developer Edition series with Ubuntu preinstalled. With this edition, the laptop has been certified to work perfectly fine with Ubuntu.

Lenovo ThinkPads are quite popular among Linux users, even with mixed feelings about them for its compatibility with Linux in the past. And, now that most of the Lenovo laptops will be Linux certified, it could be one of the best choices to go with to get a Laptop. And, you can order one for yourself through their official site or Amazon.

The flagship models are definitely expensive, but you will find a wide range of variants available starting from $500 range. Of course, the pricing will vary depending on your country but Lenovo laptops or ThinkPads in general is considered as a durable machine.

Purism started with a crowdfunding campaign for creating a high-end open source laptop with (almost) no proprietary software. The successful $250,000 crowdfunding campaign resulted in the Librem 15 laptop in 2015.

These laptops come pre-installed with Trisquel, endorsed by Free Software Foundation, which means that you can be sure that their computers adhere to the guidelines and principles of Free and Open Source Software.

They focuse on providing you a good out-of-the-box privacy and security (thanks to coreboot) along with great compatibility. You can opt for premium laptops with maxed out specs and latest processors or go for an affordable one.

Whatever your reasons, aside from your budget, the key consideration to take into account when on the hunt for the best Linux laptops is how technically proficient you are, and how experienced you are with a Linux system.

Though Linux has a bit of a reputation for being complicated and technical, there are a number of distros (Linux variants), that are ideal for beginners, such as Ubuntu and Mint. If you are fairly new to the Linux scene, you should consider buying a laptop with Linux pre-installed, to make it easier getting started.

Our top pick, the Dell XPS 13 7390, recently underwent a redesign, and a controversial one at that. Despite this, it still remains a great laptop. The second on our list, the System76 Serval WS, has now been discontinued, but another offering from the company, the Oryx Pro, is still available and can be found in this guide as well.Lewis Madison, Graduate Writer

Plus, you can still install Linux on pretty much any laptop, even though some manufacturers lock down their products, making installing Linux kind of a pain. There are lots of different Linux desktop environments to choose from, and a whole host of open-source Linux apps available.

The laptop has a number of customizations you can opt for, but as with all Dell products these days the number of configurable options is quite limited. The basic model comes with 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM at 2133 MHz, though this can be upgraded to 16GB RAM for an extra $100.

System76's Serval WS (opens in new tab) is the ultimate laptop powerhouse, not to mention one of the best Linux laptops on the market. Available with a 15-inch or 17-inch display, it offers a range of options from the 9th Gen Intel Core processors typically found in desktop machines.

This notebook also has impressive connectivity in terms of ports, but be aware that this laptop is a fairly hefty beast, with the basic 15-inch model weighing 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg) and the 17-inch version tipping the scales at 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg).

Purism is the only notebook vendor on the market to offer physical kill switches as standard on its laptops. Instead of going mainstream, the company tapped into the crowdfunding community to gain more than $430,000 (around 300,000, AU$550,000) worth of funding, allowing it to adopt a stricter ethos than most firms when it comes to privacy, rights to free software and security.

The Galago Pro (opens in new tab) from System76 is the cheapest Linux laptop on this list. Like the other machines from System76, it of


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