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Buy Tv Stand Near Me


A TV stand and entertainment center has an incredible power to make or break a living room design. It can be a trim detail that ties your room together in a neat look. Or it can be a statement piece, unashamed of its size and scale. Either way, it will provide a fine pedestal for your television. Or at least be an elegant home for that bland tv box, your blinking wi-fi router or your collection of gaming consoles.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a TV stand for your home. If you know just what you need, some of our entertainment center units can be combined for a tailor-made media center that suits you and your appliances best.

TV stands are first and foremost a functional piece of furniture. They hold your television and all of its components. You want something to help keep everything organized and safely store your electronics, but you still want it to look nice.

Well-known for its affordable furniture, Ikea has some nicely designed TV stands and media consoles. Some of the lowest-cost options probably won't do much for containing wires and remotes, as they're mostly open shelving.

Similar to Ikea, its cheapest selections are very basic. You'll also have to assemble most of the lower-priced stands. Because of the wide variety of brands, not all the stands are of equal quality. You'll want to look at the material, warranty, and weight capacity to ensure it can reliably hold all your electronics.

Another site with hundreds of sub-$500 TV stands, Target has helpful options for narrowing down its selection. You can search by the size of your TV so you know the stand will comfortably hold it. There are also filters for material, color, price, and decor style.

Pay attention to weight limits and material as you're researching. Most of the TV stands had weight capacities on their pages, but it wasn't universal. That information is missing for many of the buffets and credenzas.

Poly & Bark gives detailed dimensions of its TV stands and sideboards. That's useful if you want to ensure all your gear will fit inside. However, there are no weight capacities listed on the site. It might be worth contacting customer service if you have a question about a specific product.

Materials CB2 uses for its consoles, TV stands, and credenzas range from iron and steel to ash and mango woods. Some are made of manufactured wood as well. Many have holes in the back for wires, even if they're not marketed as media consoles.

On West Elm's site, you'll find suggestions for media console widths based on the size of your TV. However, its stands are often missing weight capacities and assembly instructions listed on the page. It's worth checking with customer service if you're considering a specific item.

If your budget is between $1,000 and $2,000, you'll find many options at Crate & Barrel. You can filter TV stands by color, material, width, and price. If you want a buffet or sideboard outfitted for cord management, you can select for that as well.

Crate & Barrel uses oak, birch, elm, engineered wood, rattan, and other materials in its buffets, consoles, and stands. The site usually lists whether a piece has cord cutouts, but it doesn't always show photos of them or list the quantity.

To find the best places to buy TV stands, we relied on research and experience with the included brands and retailers. We also spoke to several experts to learn what features make for durable, functional, and stylish media consoles.

Yes and no. This typically would be the bare minimum to have the TV line up to the edge of the TV stand. Some people like the TV to line up to the edge while others like it to have some overhang on the TV. It is very recommended to get the true width of your TV (measured from side to side) and judge from there. For example if you want a little bit of overhang and your TV measures about 60 inches wide, a TV stand 66 inches and up would work best.

This should work as long as the 75 inch TV is the monitor size (corner to corne


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