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Which Is The Best 4k Tv To Buy

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Our advice would have traditionally always been that you will get the best experience from plugging into a monitor, but there are a couple of benefits to picking a TV as your primary display. For a start, a gaming TV, with a 120Hz refresh rate and high-quality HDR, will be noticeably brighter than your typical gaming monitor.

It's true, the best gaming TV can now offer you an excellent gaming experience. Whereas once there was a very clear divide between a TV and, say, the best gaming monitor (opens in new tab), we've seen the gap close over the years. The latest panels from Samsung and LG offer speedy refresh rates, snappy response times and look absolutely gorgeous, all at the same time.

Most high-end TVs today come with OLED panels, and these self-emitting pixels deliver exceptional contrast and color. They're often referred to as having infinite contrast ratio, and that makes them a great fit for gaming where dark and light scenes can be washed out without pricey backlighting tech on modern panels. OLED panels are starting to arrive in gaming monitors, but most of the time these are the same panels used in the best gaming TVs cut-down to size.

This is a 4K TV, which shouldn't come as a surprise. 8K TVs are available, but we'd need a lot more powerful graphics cards than even the RTX 4090 to really make the most of them. For now, a 4K TV is best suited to our needs, and this one is capable of running at 120Hz to sweeten the deal for us gamers.

You could argue back and fourth about which TV is best, the LG C2 or the Samsung S95B, but both are extremely good OLED TVs. The LG delivers some of the most impressive color you'll ever see on a screen, and its game-friendly UI means you can get the benefits of extremely low response times and cloud gaming all on one thin and good-looking screen.

For non-OLED TV, Samsung provides a picture quality that is top in class and could easily hang with LG's C Series OLED TVs, which are among the best. OLEDs will always be the way to go if you're looking for superior color and contrast, but damn, does this come close.

Ironically, the only time I felt the TV didn't look its best was when I played in 'Game Mode.' It seems it didn't jibe well with the local dimming or HDR, so sometimes cutscenes in games like Saints Row or Resident Evil Village felt too bright, and blacks too grey. Once I changed it from Game mode to literally anything else, the difference was practically night and day.

You're shopping for the best Android TVs the market currently has to offer. But "best" can be subjective. For example, is 4K enough, or do you want specific perks like HDMI 2.1, Dolby Vision/Atmos, or local dimming zones Do you want an LCD or an OLED Are you OK with the older Android TV OS, or do you want an upgrade to Google TV Most importantly, what's your budget We've gathered our top picks to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, so you'll find the choice that's right for you.

The Hisense U8H series should be at the top of your list if you're shopping for a Smart TV with Google TV. This is a mini-LED TV meaning it has hundreds of dimming zones allowing for greater image contrast that brings LCD TVs closer than ever to the contrast possible on OLED. The 55-inch model has 336 dimming zones while the 65-inch model takes that up to 504 zones. There's also a 75-inch model with 528 zones. This mini-LED tech makes this a great TV for HDR content which is supported via Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG.

If you don't think the Hisense U8G Quantum will be a good fit for you, another solid alternative for the best Android TV is the Sony X80K. This replaces the Sony X80J, as the company has released its new lineup of TVs for 2022. It's a slightly less premium television, and while that does mean a lower price, the added value could be worth it for some buyers. Plus, it's updated with Google TV, which loads faster and is more reliable than the older Android TV interface.

The Sony X80K is a 4K LED televisi


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