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Bared To You Epub Bud Free 2021


Bared To You Epub Bud Free 2021

One big man, with an air of proprietorship, kept his hands on the wrench that controlled the flow. Another stood by as second-in-command of the water. All around them, and along the course of the water to the sewer mouth, a crowd stood watching. A dirty little boy caught a scrap of paper skittering along the sidewalk, fashioned it into a crude boat, and launched it in the gutter. All eyes followed the craft with interest, seeming to wish it luck as it shot perilous rapids, as it snagged on a twig, spun free, shot into the swift, deep main flow, mounted a crest for a triumphant instant, and plunged into the sewer.

As Kroner often said, eternal vigilance was the price of efficiency. And the machines tirelessly riffled through their decks again and again and again in search of foot draggers, free riders, and misfits.

Everybody did. The band, wearing summer tuxedos, struck up a medley of Meadows favorites. The music faded. The quarter-spheres opened a trifle at the top, freeing a beam of light that shot through cigarette smoke to the deep-blue heavens. The music stopped, machinery underground grumbled, and the quarter-spheres sank into the earth, revealing:

Now, Paul stood by himself on a dark walk, bewildered by the picture of, as Kroner put it, the men at the head of the procession of civilization, the openers of doors to undreamed-of new worlds. This silly playlet seemed to satisfy them completely as a picture of what they were doing, why they were doing it, and who was against them, and why some people were against them. It was a beautifully simple picture these procession leaders had. It was as though a navigator, in order to free his mind of worries, had erased all the reefs from his maps.

Kroner looked lovingly at Paul, caught him as he bounded past, and carried him in a bearlike embrace toward Anita. Paul squirmed free in the nick of time, and off he went again, leaving Kroner in tears, urging Anita to follow him into the out-of-doors.

If the conversation is general, speak loudly enough tobe heard by those around you, but, at the same time,avoid raising your voice too much. If the company isvery large, and you converse only with the person immediatelybeside you, speak in a distinct, but low tone, thatyou may not interrupt other couples, but carefully avoidwhispering or a confidential air. Both are in excessivelybad taste. To laugh in a suppressed way, has the appearanceof laughing at those around you, and a loud,boisterous laugh is always unlady-like. Converse cheerfully,laugh quietly, but freely, if you will, and whileyou confine your attention entirely to your neighbor,still avoid any air of secrecy or mystery.

Letters of Advice should not be written unsolicited.They will, in all probability, even when requested, beunpalatable, and should never be sent unless they canreally be of service. Write them with frankness andsincerity. To write after an act has been committed,and is irrevocable, is folly, and it is also unkind. Youmay inform your friend that, "had you been consulted, adifferent course from the one taken would have been recommended,"and you may really believe this, yet it willprobably be false. Seeing the unfavorable result of the[128]wrong course will enable you fully to appreciate the wisdomof the right one, but, had you been consulted whenthe matter was doubtful, you would probably have beenas much puzzled as your friend to judge the proper modeof action. You should word a letter of advice delicately,stating your opinion frankly and freely, but giving it asan opinion, not as a positive law. If the advice is nottaken, do not feel offended, as others, more experiencedthan yourself upon the point in question, may have alsobeen consulted. Let no selfish motive govern such aletter. Think only of the good or evil to result to yourfriend, and while you may write warmly and earnestly,let the motive be a really disinterested one.

It is, in general, a wise rule, and one which will


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