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Street Fighter EX3


Street Fighter EX2 Plus brought back Pullum, Darun, and Bison and then added Ryu's rival Sagat, Area (a young inventor with a giant mechanical arm), and Vulcano Rosso (fiery Italian fighter). Hayate was dropped from the arcade version of EX2 Plus, but returned for the PlayStation version. EX2 Plus also added Meteor Combos, a precursor to the Ultra Combo system later introduced in Street Fighter IV. Aside from Super Cancels, EX2 allowed for Super Combos to be cancelled into a Guard Break (Cancel Break, which could then be followed up by another Super Cancel if the player had enough/infinite meter) or a Meteor Combo (if the game allowed the player at the time to have infinite super meter or more than three bars).

In 2000, Street Fighter EX3 came out exclusively for the PlayStation 2. A Tag Team and Dramatic Battle system was added, complete with various new gameplay mechanics such as Meteor Tag Combos. Everyone from Street Fighter EX2 Plus (except Hayate) returned, as did Sakura, from Street Fighter EX Plus α. Ace, the sole new character for the game, was a character that could have moves from other fighters added to his move list at the player's discretion. Guard Breaks were replaced by the somewhat similar Surprise Blow, losing their unblockable properties but able to stun crouching opponents, floor airborne ones, and inflict chip damage as well as costing no meter to use, while Momentary Combos, two special inputs for each character allowing them to cancel from one special move to another unique special with the press of a precisely-timed single punch or kick, were added. The Excel from Street Fighter EX2 Plus was essentially replaced with the Critical Parade, a new mechanic added to Street Fighter EX3 wherein the standby character in a partner match would join their teammate and both characters could use unlimited Super Combos for a brief period of time, not unlike the Duo Team Attack from Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. 59ce067264


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