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esther nyaboke
esther nyaboke

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i dont think that it was some kind of ritualized mass murder. its much more likely that a frustrated person was able to get a hold of a really dangerous weapon, and then he shot a lot of people, one after the other, until he was out of ammo. although in some ways i feel more afraid of an angry, motivated person like this, than i do of a criminal like arthur bremer. on the fact that he was shot in the head and died almost instantly.

the film continues in a manner similar to chinatown. nell and julia are eventually called in to testify in a hearing, and after two days the judge decides that nell has not been properly cautioned against self-incrimination and therefore can be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. nell comes to believe that there is a cabal of wealthy, powerful, and politically connected family members operating throughout the complex; when she talks to the owner of the complex, nell learns that her mother died in the apartment building ten years earlier, and julia's mother had a similar mysterious death. nell also talks with the company that owns the apartment building, and discovers the complex has been allowed to become a "loan shark" operation, where tenants are pressured to pay their rent in cash. nell confronts her landlord, who reveals that the complex is a front for a loan shark, and that nell's mother had died from a gunshot wound. nell confronts her landlord, but he refuses to disclose any other information, saying that she is not allowed to use the only means she has to protect her mother's murder, the law. 3d9ccd7d82


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