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Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9888 [Leak] Download Pc 'LINK'

Click Here ->>->>->>

Windows 10 build 9888 also seems to be the one of the first builds that starts to show a more UI unification with a new context menu in the desktop that looks exactly the same like Microsoft introduced with Windows 8.1 to access Live Tile settings in the Start menu.

Also one big absent is OneDrive in the new Settings app, it seems Microsoft will be removing this entry and group the settings to other sections. For example, in Windows 10 build 9888, you can manage OneDrive storage from the File Storage page inside of System.

Windows XP used to have kernel version 5.1, and when Windows Vista was released the kernel version was updated to 6.0. Windows 7 had kernel version 6.1, Windows 8 had kernel version 6.2, Windows 8.1 had kernel version 6.3, and Windows 10 Builds 9841, 9860 and 9879 had kernel version 6.4. The leaked screenshots of Windows 10 Build 9888 that were released by show that in the About Windows box, Kernel version is 10.0 (Build 9888):

WinBeta reports that build 9888 is now appearing on various unnamed file-sharing sites. The new build is not intended for public consumption, and will not be supported by Microsoft, so we don't recommend installing it - indeed, it is possible that Microsoft may not offer a direct upgrade path from 9888 to future public builds of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, so if you do decide to install it, you'll be doing so entirely at your own risk.

Following the leaks of Windows 10 build's 9888 and 9901, people have been uncovering new features not present in the official released test version, which is currently at build 9879. Those of us that didn't download and install one of the leaked builds will have to wait a bit longer for an updated version of Windows 10, where this new feature may be made available by default.

However, if you are running either build 9888 or 9901 you can enable the new login screen with a registry modification. Right click on Start and select Run, then enter regedit.exe to open the Registry Editor. From then on you just have to follow the following steps:

So this would explain why that feature is not yet enabled, however, if you like living on the edge and are testing the leaked build(s) with just one account, then you shouldn't be affected by this bug. This feature is not present in build 9879.

While Microsoft has already confirmed that they are not going to release any Windows 10 Preview Build until end of this year, they are still sharing their updated builds with their partners. We recently reported about Windows 10 Build 9888 which includes updated animations and context menus, changes to Settings app and more. This build got leaked on the web and you can download it from file sharing sites. Read about it here.

The Battery Saver settings page is now somewhat working in this build 9888, but it is not fully functional yet. You can find Battery Saver under PC Settings. Battery Saver conserves battery by limiting background activity and adjusting hardware settings. Battery Saver will turn on automatically if you like, and also you can do it manually whenever needed. You will also have options to set Automatic Rules that define when Battery Saver mode should kick off. For example, Turn Battery Saver on when battery gets below x percentage.

Microsoft Windows 10 Build 9901 leaks with glimpses of few more new consumer features. Full build tag of this leaked build is 10.0.9901.0 (winmain_prs.141202-1718). This leaked build came after the official release of build 9879 and one previous leak of build 9888.

The zPC settings app, which was found in previous builds, is now the default PC settings app in build 9888. The PC settings app has been renamed simply as 'Settings', which features almost everything the current desktop control panel offers. Included in the Settings app is a search bar located in the options available at the top.

Apart from these, what is known is that Build 9888 brings kernel version 10.0 as opposed to the v6.4 of the previous Windows


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