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Savage Messiah(1972)11 Available Subtitles

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Savage Messiah(1972)11 Available Subtitles

Onward. Another trend I've seen more of this year is collector downloading from the web, not to swipe new movies but to gain access to silent rarities and other exotic films that have never been made available and can't be seen in any other way. I've been invited to watch several films completely unreleased here, such as Peter Lorre's sole directorial effort, the German Der Verlorene. I've also gotten to see the rare silent Abwege, directed by G.W. Pabst and starring Brigitte Helm. Some of these downloads are in the .avi format and require computer hookups to play on a television; one friend has mastered the craft of downloading English subtitles for some films, subs generated by fans for films that have never been translated. But so far I don't see these habits being adopted by garden-variety disc fans, among which I firmly place myself.

THE BURNING COURT (1962) Here is a nice, atmospheric piece from French film director Julien Duvivier, one of the more underappreciated directors of French cinema. Here we have a cursed castle inhabited by a bunch of self serving, self centered idiots and the relative of a witch who put the curse on the castle arriving for a short vacation. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that guests start dying one by one. Edith Scob (from Eyes Without A Face) plays the relative (or reincarnation) of the witch. At last, we finally have this film available in English, after having offered it with subtitles for so many years. Here's your chance to get the English dubbed version. Don't pass it by, especially if your an early 60's horror film freak. ORDER

FROM EAR TO EAR (1970 Aka Love Demons, French Cousins) Another from the long line of lost films that so many of you, the Cinefear constituancy, have been asking about! This mean spirited French film involves two cousins, both of whom have the hots for any piece of beefcake which passes them bye. They also like to blow...a lot of weed, have wild parties, and slap around another family member, a young girl who was traumatized by the death of a friend and now can no longer speak or feed herself. When the crazy cousins have a party that ends in disaster, they decide to try and silence the deaf mute, who is the only witness. They attempt to frighten her to death, but as always things don't go the way they'd like it to. Originally released in the States by Jerry Gross (who gave us Lucio Fulcis Zombie), this is a psycho shocker in the tradition of Diabolique but far more savage. With Nicole deBonne, Daniel Argence, Solange Pradel. Directed by Louis Soulanes. In French, with English subtitles layed over Dutch subtitles (orginally from a Dutch VHS). Ultra rare so I wouldn't pass this up. ORDER 59ce067264


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