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E89382 Motherboard Schematic Pdf 24 LINK


E89382 Motherboard Schematic Pdf 24 LINK

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How to Repair a Faulty E89382 Motherboard

If you have a laptop with a HannStar J MV-7 94V-0 E89382 motherboard that won't turn on, you might be able to fix it by following some troubleshooting steps. This article will show you how to download the service manual and schematics for this motherboard, and how to check some common components for faults.

Download the Service Manual and Schematics

The first thing you need to do is to get the service manual and schematics for the E89382 motherboard. These documents will help you identify the parts and circuits on the board, and show you how to measure the voltages and signals. You can download them for free from this link[^1^], which was posted by a Reddit user on an electronics forum. You will need to complete a quick survey to access the PDF file and the boardview files (FZ format).

Check the Charging Connector and MOSFETs

One of the most common causes of a laptop not turning on is a problem with the charging connector or the power MOSFETs. These components are responsible for delivering power from the AC adapter to the motherboard and the battery. To check them, you will need a multimeter and a soldering iron.

The charging connector is soldered on the board near the edge. You should read around 19V on the pins when you plug in the AC adapter. If you don't, you might have a broken or loose connector that needs to be replaced or resoldered.

The power MOSFETs are located near the charging connector, in a row of eight pins. They are marked as Q1 and Q2 on the schematics. They act as switches that control the flow of current between the source (S) and the drain (D) terminals, depending on the voltage applied to the gate (G) terminal. You can test them by doing a continuity test with your multimeter, as explained in this video. You should not get a short circuit between any two pins, or between any pin and ground. If you do, you might have a faulty MOSFET that needs to be replaced.

Check Other Components

If you don't find any problem with the charging connector or the MOSFETs, you might need to check other components on the board, such as capacitors, resistors, diodes, fuses, etc. You can use your multimeter and your schematics to measure their values and compare them with the specifications. You can also use your boardview files to locate them on the board.

Some useful resources that can help you with this task are:

This Reddit thread, where you can find some tips and advice from other laptop users and repairers.

This iFixit answer, where you can learn how to check and replace the CMOS battery, which is responsible for keeping track of time and settings on your laptop.

This forum post, where you can find more information and feedback from other people who have repaired this motherboard.


Repairing a faulty E89382 motherboard can be challenging, but not impossible. With some patience, skills, and tools, you might be able to bring your laptop back to life. However, if you are not confident or experienced enough, you might want to seek professional help or buy a new motherboard instead. 9160f4acd4


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