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Christmas Bible Lessons For Teens

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These lessons for Christmas bible classes are meant to bring the wonder of the Christmas story to life for young teenagers. You can use them for class, family time, or just as thoughtful questions for pre-teens to ponder. Look and analyze the people that were a part of the Bible story, John, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the innkeeper the wise men. Think about how times have changed and what we would do in the same situation as Jesus Christ in those days.

Talk about the role he played in Jesus's birth, and the true meaning of his purpose. Use the bible quote from the book of Luke 1:5-25. Talk about special missions and how John did not realize how important his mission was. Go on to explain how everyone has a mission in life that we may not even realize. Create a lesson plan around John the Baptist and the role he had in Jesus's birth. The Object lessons here is about finding God's purpose for our life.

First let me say that I really enjoy your site. Second, what a great discussion starter! I had seen the 9 dot activity in my Masters' program. It's one that I have used before in lessons with teens, so it's great to see others using it as well. 1e1e36bf2d


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